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Glorious Twenty-Five Years, Keep Sailing with All Our Dreams


——The 25th Anniversary Celebration Dinner Party
    Golden autumn brings cool, osmanthus fragrance far away. On September 28, 2013,“Glorious Twenty-Five Years, Keep Sailing with All Our Dream——The 25th Anniversary Celebration Dinner Party of JIANGMEN TOYO INK CO., LTD. ” was holding at Jiangmen Gladden Hotel. The new chairman of TOYO INK SC HOLDINGS CO., LTD. Kawashima Hiroyuki even came a long way from Japan to celebrate this exciting moment with company leaders and all staffs of Jiangmen Toyo.
    Glorious 25 years, under the leadership of the board of directors and all staffs’ joint effort, Jiangmen Toyo developed from a company with dozens of staffs to more than 200 staffs today; developed from the single products of screen ink to a variety of products such as gravure ink, coating, resin, etc.; upgraded from surface ink APG to laminating retort ink LAMISTAR to environmental ink GCFINE, ECOSTAR; expanded from Jiangmen headquarters to Wuxi branch and to Chengdu Toyo; won the department award to the president award of Toyo Ink Group. For the past 25 years, Jiangmen Toyo has been writing her footprints step by step!
    During the dinner party, chairman Kawashima Hiroyuki highly appraised the efforts and achievements made by Jiangmen Toyo in his opening address,showing respect to president Shi Yukang and general manager Liang Jinqiu who has been working for 30 years and the staffs who has been working for 25 years. General manager Liang and president Shi each delivered a speech,they both pointed out even though Jiangmen Toyo——this great ship has experienced lots of challenges for the past 25 years,they firmly believed Jiangmen Toyo will solve all the difficulties and sail to the broader sea!
    The atmosphere of the whole dinner party was warm. Staffs used the simple language,graceful dancing and glorious song to express their love for Jiangmen Toyo. The whole night’s show was too marvelous to impress chairman Kawashima Hiroyuki, “The performers act as the professional actors”, he exclaimed. The “Lucky Draw” between the shows even came into another high tide.
    At the end of the dinner party, vice-chairman Fan gave his conclusion speech. 25 years’ history of Jiangmen Toyo has recorded all of our countless fighting. Yesterday,we shed our sweat together . Today, we dedicate ourselves hand in hand. Tomorrow, we are sure we will keep sailing with all our dreams!

(The board of directors of Jiangmen Toyo Ink proposed a toast to all staffs to thank their 25 year’s hard work.)
(The wonderful show was acted and directed all by our staffs. They acted as the professional actors.)

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